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Montgomery County DOT Pedestrian Safety Graphic Novel Campaign

As part of an ongoing effort to reduce rising pedestrian-vehicle injuries and fatalities, the Montgomery County (Maryland) Department of Transportation has used education, enforcement, and engineering efforts in communities identified as High Incidence Areas (HIAs). Since 2012, Sharp & Company has developed and implemented a series of targeted pedestrian safety education campaigns to support the County’s efforts.

Data analysis revealed a preponderance of dangerous mid-block crossings and a high percentage of Spanish speakers in the targeted area of upper and mid-Montgomery County. Sharp & Company developed a graphic novel campaign narrated in both English and Spanglish. The attention-grabbing high drama, bold colors, and short, easy-to-read text were well-suited for the target audiences.

This campaign garnered significant media attention, including news segments on Voice of America internationally and locally on NBC4. Even more gratifying, the Library of Congress requested donation of the campaign materials for its Popular and Applied Graphic Art Section.

More importantly, since the program started in 2012, overall pedestrian-vehicle collisions in the county have decreased by 7%, while in areas where the campaigns have run, pedestrian incidents have dropped by 43%.

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